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Social Connect Review & Bonus - SHOULD GET IT NOW ? >>>


When someone connects to me, one of the first things I do is look at their profile. I want to know who they are and what they tweet about or what their interests are. If they leave their "about me" section is empty, I follow. I do not know who they are and whether their posts will even interest me. A simple one or two sentence description can do wonders to increase your followers. Keep Social Connect simple and do not try to pitch your product. Mention your main niche or whatever your primary subject, so you attract people who share your same passions on. In other words ... introduce yourself. Start with the 80/20 rule Social media is not a marketplace for spam. If you do nothing more than plug to do your own things, people will be switched off immediately and are non-fan. They can even just polite about it and "hide" you from their power. Either way, you lose. This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play and it is relatively simple. For the most part, things you do not want a sales pitch to items (see ideas below) - that's your 80%. The remaining 20% of your posts can place your product or special offer, etc. So if you tweet 20 times a day, only about four of which related to the sale of something. Your fans will not mind the "ads", as long as there are more interesting and useful content sandwiched in between. If you start with this rule in mind, it will be smooth sailing for you. If you've blown it already and posted 100 product links in a row, delete your account and start over. Nobody paying attention to your present. MAKE A PLAN HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard Social media is usually spontaneous. People tend to post things as they happen - such as a news outlet types. That does not mean you should constantly checking and posting your social media apps. With some careful planning and a secret instruments - such as HootSuite - you can make a month's worth of messages and schedule them in advance. This is an incredible time saver and allows you to reach visitors in different time zones or do you keep fans busy while you're on vacation. You can still spontaneous sites, and the use of the planned content as a backup for when you stay at too busy to it that your creativity is equally tapped. Plan what to say can be difficult, but if you stick to some predefined themes can be as easy as copy / paste are. Here are some ideas to get you thinking ... CREATIVE IDEAS As mentioned earlier, social media is usually spontaneous, but the mind of subjects on-the-fly is not always a good way to roll. It can directly writer's block and try to come up with a single tweet can postpone a great way. Instead, choose a topic or theme and start brainstorming a list of potential ideas from the suggestions below. You then build an arsenal of content to pluck out when you need Social Connect, or you can make your brilliant ideas and plans them as future tweets. Ask questions that are fun and easy to answer. For example if your audience is predominantly female, ask who their favorite author and why. News - the Oscars on, ask about a film that may be on your topic of interest. Keep it simple and make it related to your niche as possible. Place a poll. Some social media tools, you can poll your audience. People are a little more likely to participate if it is as simple as clicking a button to vote. Polls can also be embedded into your blog (ask us about setting up this feature for you), and embedded in comments. Ask an off-the-wall question. "When was the last time you went to the bathroom outside?" Often the answers you get for a good blog post later. Keep it relevant or just fun. Let people know that you have a sense of humor. Video message. Who does not like videos? Or commercials or retro 80's flashbacks? Throw in some fun YouTube videos or even make your own. Be smart about it and try to work your product, such as the blender guy. Message facts, inspirational quotes, historical trivia ... what fits your theme. For example, would a feminist website well to post "To date ..." type trivia facts about the women's movement. Share the love! Not cocky, Only post links to your blog, mention your products, your website or links to other sites that your site ... to share your knowledge. If you aspire to be an expert in your niche, then you probably already have a pretty steady stream of content and related issues flow into your RSS reader. Do not hog resources - retweet (share) them. Your fans will thank you. Step Social Connect up a notch Use photos. When a social media taking pictures, use them! They are guaranteed to get more attention than text. Use the hash tags. Hashtags are words and phrases preference to the gate. Just #BadDay, #girlsrule, #MarthaStewart. You can make your own or use the ones you see others using. These tags help others find related content for a specific topic. Giving credit where credit is due. If you borrow a quote, author, and also name the person who placed the call. Promote use of the RT (retweet) function and others in your niche. Do this and they will come ... because if you promote others, they will probably answer and you'll get new fans you would not have otherwise reached. THE MIX Unless it makes sense for your particular topic - if you study obsessive compulsive disorder, for example - are not predictable. Not fire off the same promotion or put your "quote of the day" in the same time slot every day. You will miss the majority of your audience. Remember the internet is on 24/7 and your biggest fans might be on the other side of the world. Mix your content and vary your message times. You can still use an automated schedule (see Social Connect Bonus above). DOUBLE Doubling only works well if you have a lot of content can be spread over a day or so. Doubling up resources to put the same link to a blog post or promotion more than once (or even more than twice). This is also useful in order to reach an international audience, because you can put the left a few hours apart to reach different time zones. You should be careful with this one to be, so you do not come across as spammy. Here apply the 80/20 rule. TALK BACK Once your fans are starting to respond to display your tweets or comments on your quote of the day, be sure to acknowledge their response, even if it's just to say I it thank once or them for sharing their thoughts. Make sure that you do not launch unilateral talks and do not listen for a response. In other words, not subjects that you are not interested in discussing start. You never know what will spark discussions mega or even go viral. GET FANS Fans can often hard to come by, but if you have them appreciate you. Your social media followers can often worth more than your website visitors. Why? Because most people will check their Facebook account daily. Make sure you get a useful part of their power. Provide them with quotes, jokes or inspirational stories they look forward to reading and you a fan for life. And eventually they will buy your product or contact your service because they are connected to you on a social level. The first thing you need to do to get the fans questions. Make sure your social media icons / badges / fan boxes in prominent places on your website. Point Blank ask people to join your social network in a blog post or on your personal profile. The cool thing about social media is that once someone joins a number of their friends can see your site listed in the profile of their friend and also connect with you. The Facebook "Like" button (as seen at the end of this article) should be an important part of your website. If not, please contact us immediately to have one installed. Social Connect Review and other social sharing options must also be present when engaging, relevant content that you want people to read write. Your website content will get much more attention and you will get the fans when you make it easy for your visitors to share your stuff with their friends. Recommendations from a friend are the number one way to make the sale. Thyme For Design is the living proof. Our company is called 100% - we have never had a need to advertise. And look below to see how easily we share this article with your friends on social media. Go ahead - one of those beautiful buds and spread the love ...


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